Educational Innovation

CodeRVA is a non-traditional regional public high school using innovative instructional approaches to change public education. We are rethinking the use of time, space, and technology to provide opportunities for acceleration and college and career readiness especially in the area of computer science.


During the last two years of high school, students will receive relevant, real-life work experience in the field of computer science. Students are offered options to graduate high school with college credit, an associate's degree, and industry certifications. Personalized instructional programs and internships will prepare students for employment, internship opportunities, and college.

Career Pathways

Career coaches assist in developing an individualized college and/or career pathway. Mentors from CodeRVA partners will share their experiences, insights, and provide students with perspectives from the workplace.

Blended Learning

CodeRVA provides instruction in a blended learning model that combines online and face-to-face instruction and meets the needs of today's technology-focused students.

Personalized Learning

CodeRVA offers personalized learning to ensure that each student masters the content, achieves academic and career goals while building independence.

Integrated and Project-Based Learning

CodeRVA's innovative curriculum integrates academic content studies and incorporates authentic project-based learning. CodeRVA strives to prepare all students for college and careers.