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Computer Science Technology Specialist
The Computer Science Technology Specialist (CST) will serve as the school’s point person with industry partners and collaborate with core content teachers to ensure integration of computational thinking and real-world applications in coursework, projects, and service opportunities. The CST Specialist will coordinate all technology infrastructure, network management, and student device management. REQ – Masters, demonstrated experience

Data Management Specialist
The Data Management Specialist is responsible for the school’s data and reporting needs, support and coordination with grant evaluation teams, student information system data management, student registration, transcript services, and assisting with data needs associated with state and national testing and industry certifications and credentialing. REQ – Bachelors, experience

Academic Case Manager
The CodeRVA Academic Case Manager will work with students to design and implement personalized learning plans, coordinate additional resources students need to succeed academically, and plan and implement school-wide programs to support effective social-emotional and personalized learning strategies. The Academic Case Manager will be an embedded coach for helping teachers adapt and develop practices to empower students (Personalized Learning Coach). REQ – Masters (required), School Counseling Endorsement (preferred)

College/Career Services Coordinator
The College/Career Services Coordinator is responsible for providing and coordinating resources and services to students to prepare them for the transition from CodeRVA into the workforce or post-secondary education.  This will include coordination of project-based learning implementation and expanding opportunities for student internships and certifications and serving as liaison to business and higher education. REQ – Masters (required), School Counseling Endorsement (preferred)

Outreach Coordinator
The Outreach Coordinator will serve as the primary contact for parents and the community and will coordinate the student selection system, outreach sessions, and data collection to support the CodeRVA recruitment plan.  The Outreach Coordinator will collaborate with community and business partners to provide student enrichment opportunities including speakers and seminars. REQ – Masters, demonstrated experience