CodeRVA Regional High School

Mailing Address:
1405 Cummings Drive, Suite 10
Richmond, VA 23220

GPS Address:
2601 Durham Street,
Richmond, VA 23220

School Phone: 804.968.1820

Gwen Ashworth, School Counselor
Jackelyn Badea, Special Education and EL Services
Joy Beatty, Humanities
Michael Bolling, Executive Director
Emily Cooper, Mathematics
Pamela Crook, Outreach Coordinator
Angela de Vega, Academic Case Manager
MaryEllen Fines, Mathematics and Computer Science
Gina Fox, Secretary
Kakim Fung, Computer Science and Mathematics
Rebecca Hall, Mathematics
Erin Hill, Global and American Studies
Theresa Katz, Academic Case Manager
April Kelley-Hill, College and Career Coordinator
Daniel Morris, Science
Kathleen Northrop, English and American Studies
Salman Parvaiz, Science
Whitney Powell, Science
Christy Ruffin, Office Manager
Keisha Tennessee, Computer Science Technology Specialist
Tracy Walker, MSAP Project Director