Our Mission

The mission of CodeRVA Regional High School is to prepare a diverse population of students for college and careers in computer science through personalized, integrated, and applied learning.

What We Provide

CodeRVA Regional High School provides an innovative learning environment that uses blended and project-based learning to develop students’ self-management skills while integrating academic content, agile workplace methodologies, and internship experiences that provide a pipeline of critical thinkers prepared to enter college or Richmond’s growing tech sector.

Opportunities for CodeRVA Students

CodeRVA students will be provided an opportunity to graduate with a Virginia high school diploma, an associate’s degree from the community college system, industry certifications, and potentially as much as 400 hours of work experience in computer science-related fields.

Why It Was Created and What Is It?

There is a significant workforce gap in the computer science and technology field. As new generations of students are becoming interested in all of the newest fields of the technology workforce, CodeRVA seeks to prepare students in central Virginia to fill the over 36,000 unfilled computer-science related positions in Virginia.

Why is this Innovative?

CodeRVA's design builds on next generation high school models across the nation that rethink the use of time and space, leverage technology to personalize and accelerate learning, and redesign curriculum to align with competency-based progressions. Focused on computer science, the school offers the opportunity to complete high school requirements through a combination of blended (online and face-to-face) learning, integrated coursework, and project-based learning.

The Application Process

For the 2020-2021 school year, rising 9th graders will be encouraged to apply. There are no admissions criteria or academic prerequisites. Students are selected through an independently-operated lottery system that ensures diversity reflective of the Richmond region.